Sunday, November 14, 2010

A sight that brings joy to this mother's heart!

My boys are completely immersed in books at the moment. I can barely tear them away to eat! J is reading Harry Potter - The Philosophers Stone for the first time. And C is into Diary of a Wimpy Kid - his first "big book". It is so nice to see them sitting side by side with their noses in books instead of in their Nintendo DSs!

I was able to tear them away for afternoon tea. It was the smell of a fresh batch of scones that finally broke the spell of their books.....for a while :)


  1. Great pics Anita. Gotta love a good read, on a sunday arvo!
    Thanks a bunch for your lovely comments on my blog xxx

  2. I love seeing children immersed in books - mine both love them too! Those scones look sensational Anita - are they the lemonade ones everyone raves about?


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