Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Portraits in the park.

Hi all! I'm home-sweet-home now after a really enjoyable weekend "back home". Thought I'd show you some of the pics from the christening day. After the service we went to a local playground so the kids could wear themselves out a bit! We took the opportunity to take some family photos. Here are a few of them.



No more photos please Mum!

Now I'm home I have a huge pile of washing to do. I've just spent an hour or so  watering my garden with diluted Bokashi juice. It is heating up here. We're expecting 32 degrees today. Summer is only about a week away! Gotta keep that garden well hydrated if I want home grown vegies for us to enjoy. Luckily we have a nice big water tank that is full after our very wet winter.  Will share some pics of my garden soon. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Tuesday. xxx


  1. Can anyone tell me why my photos look a bit blurry when I upload them on blogger. These pics are crystal clear at full size. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Ta. xxx

  2. they look nice & clear at my end...lovely family shots you have captured, nicely done

  3. These are gorgeous photos Anita, Especially love the last one - such a boy thing to do :) They look fine on my computer?

  4. Must have a smudge on my glasses or something - lol!


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