Friday, January 21, 2011

Tomorrow my boys return

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes yesterday. We had a lovely day - I caught a train into the city to meet My Mr after work. We enjoyed a stroll along the river at Southbank, stopped to watch some street performances, had a yummy dinner and went to a movie. Low key but blissful. Just the two of us, enjoying each others company.

I have had a lovely, restful week. As expected, I didn't get nearly as much done as I would have liked, but I did get throught my paperwork clean-up in the craft room, which is HUGE! Tomorrow my boys return from my sister's place. They will have been away for 8 days. I'm missing them heaps and will be so glad to give them both a huge cuddle. No doubt there will be lots of stories about their holiday. They even got to visit their best mates who were holidaying near Mum and Dad's place. My Mum emailed me some pics last night.


Great shots, but this photo (below) is one of my faves. It shows my boys with their cousins and my Dad lying on a picnic blanket in the park.They all look so relaxed and happy. It is so great to know that they are so loved by our extended family and feel happy, relaxed and safe in their care.

I may be absent from blogland for a week or maybe even two. I plan to step away from the computer for a while so that I can really enjoy the last couple of weeks of school holidays with my boys. I wish all my Aussie mates a very Happy Australia Day for the 26th of January. Take care and I will see you back here soon as we farewell the Summer holidays and launch into the regular routine for 2011.  Lots of love. xxx

Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 years ago.....

 10 years ago today, I married my best friend and soul mate.

 It was the most fun wedding least in our eyes :) 
It was the beginning of a beautiful, blessed life together. 
Today we celebrate 10 years of marriage.
Our first decade.
It has been filled with joy and a few tears. 
Today we are more in love than we ever were.

Thankyou darling hubby, for our first 10 years of marriage. 
Words can't express how grateful I am to have you as my husband.
I look forward to many, many more decades of wedded bliss to come. 
I love you. xxx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Wednesday looks like this......

This is how I will be spending my day - sorting through these boxes of clutter and paper, recently removed from my craft room. Wish me is a big job!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

More home and garden pics

Well, after posting a whole stack of vegie garden pics, I thought I'd show you some other garden photos while it was all looking so pretty. For those of you who don't know, our garden is definitely not huge. Our home is on a 700m2 block so there is not heaps of space. In fact, it is the one drawback of living where we do. We would SO love to have a bigger garden. But we are very grateful for the home we have, and we love how our garden has grown and become established since we built our home 8 1/2 years ago. In that time it has gone from a dirty, muddy clay-ridden building site, to a home.  These pics are taken to document our garden as it is right now. I love to take photos each year and compare how the trees have grown, and to see which new plants have been added, and which have been removed. A garden is always in a state of transition. That is one of the most magical things about having a garden. It is a project that is never finished. There is always something new to inspire you. Here are some photos taken on January 5th 2011.

Thanks for visiting my little patch today. I am enjoying some "me" time this week, as my boys are having a holiday with Granmama and Papa, and then going to stay with Aunty J and Uncle C for a few days. They are having an absolute ball playing with their cousins. I will miss them, but I also thoroughly enjoy the chance to take a break and spend some time alone with My Mr. This is a special week for us, but I'll share more of that another day. Hope your week is wonderful. xxx

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Around my garden - part 1: "The vegie garden"

Promised to share some garden pics with you. I'm just loving my garden right now. Everything is thriving and looking really healthy. Not much crafting goes on around here at this time of year. I would much rather be pottering in the garden or playing with the family.

I think these pics will speak for themselves, so I won't rabbit on too much. There are a lot of photos - consider yourself warned! Here goes.....

Cherry tomatoes beginning to ripen.

My Mr inspecting/admiring said cherry tomatoes - not long now till we can eat them :)

Garden bed with lettuce, capsicum, carrots, squash, tomatoes, silverbeet, and basil.

Roma tomatoes along the fence

Another view of the roma tomatoes.

Parsley flowers/seeds

Sweet corn - planted two separate plantings to stagger harvest.

Butternut pumpkins - these are spreading wildly!

The biggest of the butternuts - about 15cm long at the moment.

Another pumpkin - I think it's called a patio variety? They grow to about 15cm diameter.

We have heaps of squash - and more growing by the day.

Yummy squash :)

Green beans - bush variety. Had our first harvest of these a couple of days ago. Delicious!

Green bean bushes.

Down the side of the house - spinach and silverbeet.

 Be warned, there are excessive tomato photographs from here on.....we are ridiculously proud of our tomato crop this year :)

Can't wait until the tomatoes start to ripen. Not long now.....

New tomato plants just planted. They'll be ready to take over when the older ones are finished fruiting.

Tiny, baby capsicums. Aren't they just so cute!

We have a little Richmond Tigers garden gnome guarding the vegie patch :)

So that's life in the vegie patch here at the moment. Lots of healthy, delicious vegies heading to our dinner table. Thanks for stopping by, and if you made it through all those photos, well done! You must be a garden lover too :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

My big boy is nine!

I really find it quite hard to believe that I am the mother of a nine year old, but it is a fact! My big boy J celebrated his ninth birthday yesterday. He had a huge day that started out with presents,


.....then we went to the movies to see Gulliver's Travels with a couple of friends,

......then it was home for a party lunch

.....and chocolate birthday cake.

After a short rest in the afternoon, we had another celebration with the family. There was plenty more presents, food, fun, playing, and conversation.....

.....and of course another cake!

Happy Birthday gorgeous boy! We are so proud of you and we love you to bits. xxx