Friday, September 16, 2011

Crocheted finger puppets in "My Creative Space"

For my music subject at TAFE we were asked to make some sort of prop that could be used to present music to preschool aged children. I decided to make some crocheted finger puppets. I used a pattern by Leanne Cornford purchased here for the frog and the mouse, but I had to get a bit creative to make the pig - I just adapted the basic body/head pattern and added a piggy snout and ears. I think they're pretty cute :)

In case you haven't figured out what song they're from.......

"A frog went walking on a summers day, a-hum;
A frog went walking on a summers day a-hum;
A frog went walking on a summers day; he met Miss Mousey on the way,
A-hum, a-hum, a-hum, a-hum a-hum".

You can search for it on YouTube if you want to figure out how Mr Pig fits into the story :)

These were pretty fiddly to make. I showed my teacher, who thought they were great and I should make them to sell. Apart from copyright constraints on the pattern, I told her I'd have to charge too much for each one, because each one takes about 2 hours to make. I'm happy to have just these three little finger puppets for me to use on my upcoming placement.

This weekend we have no sport committments for the kids. Jayden has a week off from basketball (they will play in their grand final next weekend) and Corey has finished Auskick for the year. Whatever will we do with our weekend?!! Well for starters, we'll cheer on my beloved Hawks as they take on Sydney in the AFL Semi Finals tonight. Go Hawks!!
Beyond that, we might do a few jobs around the house and maybe get out into the garden over the weekend. What has everyone else got planned?

I've added this link to "Our Creative Spaces" even though I'm a little late this week. I will try to get the next one in on Thursday. There's heaps of gorgeous creativity to be found there, so pop over and check it out. Thanks for stopping by. See you soon. xxx

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Simple pleasures

Having a very quiet day today - let's call it a post TAFE recovery day shall we. Haven't achieved anything much at all, but as a dear friend reminded me this morning on the phone, rest and recovery is NOT wasted time. It is important and it is a part of my life that I need to just accept without feeling guilty.

Anyway, thought I'd take this quiet day to upload some photos from my camera onto the computer. Found these lovely pics, taken about 2 weeks ago, of my boys enjoing a "Lego Day". A Lego day is when we put a tablecloth on the dining table and tip out their entire collection of Lego. It stays there for the whole day and the boys (all 3 of them!) spend as much time as they like using their imaginations to come up with all sorts of marvelous Lego creations. These days often involve staying in our pyjamas until late (or even all day). I love Lego days because they are so relaxed and we get to just all chill out and be together. How does your family spend your "chill out" days together?