Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015 round-up.

Well Christmas has come and gone, and here I sit on this 4th day of January, reflecting on December and quietly pondering what the year ahead might bring.

Our Christmas was spent up at my sister's family farm at Mullengandra in NSW. It was quite hot, but not unbearably so. Christmas magic was plentiful, thanks to the presence of my 3 1/2 year old niece. Littlies make Christmas so very special - and her big brothers and cousins all dutifully join in with the sprinkling of "reindeer food", leaving bickies and milk out for Santa and the reading of Christmas Eve bedtime stories. 

My Mum's Christmas pudding was perfect. For me, it's always a highlight. We do the full hot Christmas roast lunch. I am a vegetarian now, and this was my first Christmas without eating meat. My Mum kept forgetting and offering me some ham or turkey while we were preparing lunch, but no harm done. I didn't miss the meat at all. I made a delicious lentil loaf and a vegetarian quiche for me to have (sorry, I forgot to take photos. I'm not really a huge food-photo taker). 

We are so abundantly blessed and there was plenty of food and presents and love to go around. We missed out on Christmas dinner with my hubby's family as we chose not to travel four hours on Christmas Day this year. I must say, it was a good decision and made our Christmas so much for enjoyable, staying in one spot. Next Christmas it is our turn to host for both sides of the family. I must remember to not be overwhelmed by hosting so many people. After all, it is just a meal (or two) and if things aren't magazine perfect, it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that we are together and happy. Peace and family and fun override all else at this time of year. I hope your Christmas was lovely too.