Friday, August 15, 2014

The housewife diaries.

I have to record the sense of contentment I have right now. I am about 8 months into my role as a full time homemaker/SAHM and I have never been happier. I get a great sense of satisfaction over seeing things get done around my home. Things that are beyond just the bare minimum. Things like a spotlessly clean bathroom, regularly vacuumed floors, dinner on the table pretty much every night, washing that is, for the most part, reasonably up to date. Just mundane, domestic achievements, but they really make me so happy.
I also love being around for school drop off and school pickup. Being available for all after school activities and sporting commitments. Being here if one of my kids is sick and needs a day off. Being home in the school holidays. I love it. I feel so much more in control. I feel like I'm giving my family a gift. If feel that by taking care of them, I'm demonstrating how much I love them. For heavens sake, who would've thought I'd be making my husbands lunch every day?? Not me. But I do, and I don't mind a bit. He doesn't expect me to do it just because I'm a housewife. I do it because it helps him and it makes him feel taken care of. It lets him rest in the evening, when he is exhausted and needs to rest. I love taking care of him. He loves being taken care of. It's working for us. I know to some families the idea of a wife who stays home and takes care of the family might seem old fashioned, but I don't care. I love it. I've never been happier, and to be honest, neither have my three boys. I think it's something we'll keep doing for as long as we can, financially speaking. Sure, we live modestly and forego certain luxuries, but it is SO worth it for OUR family right now. 

 Above: the slow cooker has been simmering away all day, the veggies are ready to be cooked. All is well in our kitchen and our home <3