Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Decluttering, spring cleaning and packing up the Christmas decos.

Just a couple of pics of my gorgeous girl Molly relaxing at Christmas time to start off this post. They have nothing to do with this post.......I just wanted to share them :)

We've been having a big tidy up around here. My hubby is on a mission to rid the place of excess clutter. He's tackled a room every day for the last five days.......first was our room, then J's, then C's, then the rumpus room and today the lounge room (which included packing up the Christmas tree and de-Christmas-ing the whole house). Of course I've been pitching in and helping (supervising) just to make sure nothing too precious is being tossed out. Today we had a visit to the boy's old creche to drop off some toys they've outgrown. It was nice to visit and see some of the girls who looked after them 1 - 2 days a week from when they were babies to when they went to kindergarten at 4. The boys had trouble remembering some of the carers there.....I guess they were pretty little back then.

After that little visit we also dropped a load of goodies off at the op-shop and My Mr made a visit to the tip this morning. I try to forward as much as possible on to others if it is still in good order. I know the joy I get from finding a pre-loved treasure at the op-shop every now and then. I hope someone else experiences that some delight when they find some of our pre-loved goodies.

I'm a little concerned about My Mr now though, because he's eyeing off the mess in my craft room. I'm getting the feeling that I'd better clean it out before he tries to help me! 

We're a one-car family for the rest of this week because my car has gone to the panel beaters to be repaired after my little bingle back in November. Luckily My Mr is on holidays until next Monday so I'm not stuck at home with the kids and no car for a whole week!

We're preparing for the next big event to hit our household - J's 9th birthday on Thursday. He's pretty excited, but trying to stay cool at the same time ;)  That kid sure is growing up fast.

Hope to take some garden pics tomorrow. Our vegie patch is booming! Should have tomatoes to eat any day now :) Nothing like home grown tomatoes, is there? See you again soon. xxx

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  1. Hello there my luv. Great to see so many photos of your gorgeous garden. I bet you can taste those tomatoes already. I know what you mean about home grown tomatoes. I was only talking about my dad's yesterday. I would drop in at lunchtime when I was working to homegrown fried tomatoes on toast for lunch. Oh yum!!!

    Such beautiful shots of your big 9 year old. Gosh the years go by so fast. Beautiful boy!!!

    Take care my friend.
    Luv Sandie


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