Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - and my "one little word" for 2011

Bright candle in the darkness / Leuchtende Kerze im Dunkel
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I was awake early this morning - 6am. Ideas and hopes for this year swirling around in my head. I have plans for this year that I will keep to myself until they are more fully formed, but there is something that I know for sure.....

I truly believe that this is the year I will emerge from the darkness of the chronic illness that has dominated my life for the last 4+ years. While I'm fully aware that I will not be magically "cured" from fibromyalgia, I KNOW that I now have the tools, knowledge, support and resources to minimise it's effect on my life. I am rebuilding wellness. I have already begun. And 2011 will see the results of that rebuilding process come to fruition. I know there may be obstacles and detours on the journey as I move towards health, but I will not let them divert me from my true path.

I have decided to chose "one little word" to focus on as I head into this year. I've done this in the past too. My word for 2010 was "focus" and for 2009 it was "nurture". Choosing a word for the year has served me well.  I have been pondering my one little word for weeks and I have come to settle on the word "light". This is, coincidentally, also the word chosen by Ali Edwards, and it has really resonated with me at this time.

I contemplated words like "renew", "emerge", "restored" but I felt that they made me focus on the what I was leaving behind, rather than on the future. 

For me "light" is mostly about the light I see at the end of the proverbial tunnel - something I intend to stay focussed on. It also means the following things to me......

LIGHT : the absence of darkness.
            the opposite of heavy, weighed down, burdened
            illuminated, glowing, shining, radiating
            enlightened, educated, informed, aware
            the light of the life energy,
            the power of light imagery in meditation and prayer

I imagine that as I live with my word "light" in 2011, it will grow in meaning for me.



  1. One little word can have a lot of power, head towards the light & you cant go wrong, you're already on the way

  2. I love your thoughts of emerging from darkness!

  3. Goodness me Anita you've sent me on a journey and a half - I started off with Ali Edwards and ended up at Eat Less Move More in search of my word for 2011 - didn't know I needed one until I read your post ... now I can't live without one LOL Have you ever done any of the Big Picture Classes - I am thinking about doing the OLW course. Thanks Anita -your posts always inspire me and often lead me to things I didn't know that I was missing :)

  4. Glad to direct you on to such inspiring places Nikki. I have done a couple of Big Picture Classes and have loved them. I think I will sign up for the OLW class too. Perhaps we could share the journey together. Look forward to hearing what your "word" is. Thanks again for your kind words and encouragement. xxx

  5. I did it ..... signed up for the classes and have made a start, my word is Change! I pondered Focus ... but Change has appeared everywhere and therefore I feel that this is the right word for me. Now need to find the right size album and the little pockets ... this is going to be fun I think .... yes I'd love to share the journey with you Anita xx

  6. I love your word for 2011 and wish you all the very best with your plans. Isn't this a wonderful time of year - I love the reflecting, refocusing and refreshing. Happy New Year Anita xx

  7. I honestly believe that a positive approach to any "issues" that you have in life is the only way to succeed. You are truly on the right path and I can tell great things will happen for you this year Anita. Love the "one little word" idea, quite inspiring.

    Happy New Year!


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