Friday, November 12, 2010

A bingle

Look what happened to my lovely car when I went our for dinner with my Uni girlfriends on Wednesday night :(

A young man was driving (forwards!) out of a parking space as I drove past. Apparently he was looking at his phone instead of what was in front of his car and then "bang". Thankfully he was not hostile in the least, but was instantly apologetic and concerned about our welfare. I really appreciated that.

I know it's not a major accident, and no one was hurt (thankfully) but it makes me a little sad to see my shiny car wounded. Now we have the fun bit....getting quotes, contacting insurance companies, to-ing and fro-ing to get the repairs all settled. Luckily My Mr has taken over all those jobs for me. Now I should get on with a few of the jobs on my "to-do list". It is pretty long.....


  1. So glad you are all OK. I know, the worst part is getting it fixed. So inconvenient and it's not even your fault. I hope it gets fixed up real quick for you, you don't have time for this!!

  2. the first (second, third) scratch/bump/mark on a new car is always a huge disappointment. I hate washing my car now & find another mark, :(

  3. Oh :( Glad you are OK, but I do hear you about what a major pain this is!

  4. Sorry to see the scratches (although the one on the main body of the car is quite a cool shape!) Thanks for sharing the story behind the name of your blog in response to my post. I am always trying to make my life simpler bit by bit!


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