Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Colour question.

I've never really thought of myself as loving purple as a colour. But as I wandered around my garden this morning some pretty purples caught my eye. There are lots of purple flowers in my garden here are just a few. I guess I like purple more than I thought!

Then, on my way back inside, I walked past the rumpus room window and caught sight of my reflection. I smiled when I realised what colour I was wearing today... Yep, purple on purple :)

Which colours do you love, and which do you loathe? I have never liked orange. It just makes me feel uneasy. No special reason, I just don't like it much. Come to think of it, maybe it was the orange tiles in my Mum & Dads '70s kitchen, complete with matching cannisters that did it! lol!

I'm sure there's a colour therapist out there somewhere who could offer an explanation of why we like and loathe certain colours. Do you have any strong feelings about colour - positive or negative?

Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope yours is a good one. xxx


  1. I don't like purple either, really don't pick it for anything. Don't even like the girls picking it - gosh that's bossy of me! Never liked mustard either because of a boy's jumper at primary school, I'm over that one now! Love orange but red, that's lovely.

  2. No surprises about your love of red Sarah! And I'm totally with you. My all time favourite colour. Just makes me happy :)......as long as it's not too orangey! lol!

  3. purple good but loving torquoise at the moment

  4. I am loving purple at the moment - not really for me but for my little miss - I am in love with the Jacaranda Tree's at the moment and there purple beauty.


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