Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm over here.....

Welcome! If you've just come over from my Typepad blog then I'd like to thank you for following the link. I have been contemplating the move to blogger for a while now. I've decided to give it a try for a while and, if I like it here, I will move over permanently and close my Typepad blog. I guess my motivation today was that Typepad ATE a blog post that I'd been working on for about an hour. That's what spurred me on to make the shift. Anyway, deep breath. I'm over it! And here we are at blogger with It will take me a while to tweak this new blog - to pretty it up a bit and make it my new home - please bear with me for a while until I work out how to do everything over here. 

Here's a bit of what that big post covered. The ongoing celebration of C's birthday. Can you guess how old he was? He helped to decorate the cake with some of his favourite lollies and treats - marshmellows, smarties and bananas.

C's birthday cake

Mummy helping C to put his cake in the fridge.

This year we celebrated with dinner at our local Italian Restaurant (Birthday boy's choice) with family and friends. Lots of fun and no cleaning up for me :)

But that was just the start of C's birthday. On the weekend he celebrated with four of his special mates from school who came for a sleepover. Yep, I am mad! I had a house full of silly, crazy, hyperactive little boys for 18 hours straight! Exhausting but fun.
 And C had a blast which is what is important. I don't think he'll forget his 7th birthday any time soon.
I managed to capture one "nice" photo of the party group....

....and then they were allowed to express their true personalities!
Recovering from C's sleepover took me days! But late in the week I went down to the Mornington Peninsula to visit my cousin for a few hours. We had a lovely catch-up which included lunch at a local cafe. I also got to see the almost completed masterpiece quilt which she's been working on for over a year! These photos don't do it is amazing! All those little diamonds, so perfectly pieced. I am in awe! It just needs the binding to be added and then it is ready to put on the bed.  It is a work of art that I'm sure will become a treasure family heirloom.



 The following day I spent some time watching J's final school swimming session for the year. It was mostly just a fun session with lots of games. They even got to have a go on the big inflatable obstacle course. 

Relay races - J takes off!

J and his best buddy B.

Conga line around the pool! My boy looks like such a stringbean in his boardshorts doesn't he?

Sliding down off the obstacle course, trying to avoid the bucketfulls of water being thrown by the teachers!

C had a momentous event on Sunday with the loss of his second tooth. The toothfairy made her visit that night. Lucky she remembered! She hadn't been when we went to bed at midnight! 

The boys enjoyed doing this big jigsaw puzzle with Daddy over the weekend. Lots of fun, interesting facts about Australia and New Zealand were found on this great puzzle. Playing and learning. Awesome!

 Back soon with more bits and pieces from our simple, creative, life. See you soon. x


  1. Looks great Anita! Love the simplicity!

  2. We get so reliant on technology & then so disappointed when it lets us down but welcome to blogger, its about the same but free!
    Love the newsy post...will they all be like that ? ;)

  3. I, too, got sick of difficulties with Typepad, and moved over to Blogger - haven't looked back! I love it; so EASY, and friendly, in contrast to Typepad. Hope you find it that way too. I love the photo of all the boys at Corey's sleepover; hopefully they remain friends beyond primary school, and you'll look back wistfully at this shot. My Jack just turned 15, and we love looking back on photos of him with his mates over the years. This is a lovely post, Anita; nice to catch up on some of your news. Christine xx


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