Friday, December 4, 2015

How on earth can it be December already?

Really did we get to December so quickly? I have just a couple more weeks of school for my boys before summer holidays start. What a crazy couple of weeks they'll be. My youngest is finishing primary school, so we've got a full calendar right there - graduation, last primary school Christmas concert, last school assembly, orientation day for high school. Throw in his karate classes and grading, karate Christmas party, and basketball activities and you've got a pretty busy couple of weeks. Then there's the big boy, who's finishing year 8. His life is what keeps us super busy, mostly thanks to his passion for basketball. He now trains or plays basketball seven days a week. Needless to say, although we're super proud of his basketball achievements, we're all looking forward the break that comes with school holidays.

I'm trying to knuckle down and focus on doing a bit of Christmas shopping, although I have to say, I'm less and less enthused about the commercialisation of Christmas with each passing year. The amount of money spent on buying gifts just for the sake of buying gifts seems pretty ridiculous. Really, we don't actually NEED very much. The gift of time spent enjoying the company of our loved ones seems like the best possible gift to me. Although I'll be buying a few tokens of my love for special people, I'm definitely trying to keep it simple this year.

I have had a pretty rough couple of months on the health front, thanks to a new treatment for my autoimmune condition which I recently tried. Let's just say it did NOT suit me at all in that the side effects were really unacceptable and outweighed the benefit of the medication. So I'm back to being medication free and just trying to take care of myself and manage my symptoms as best I can. I am feeling pretty good this week, so I'll run with that and try to get a few Christmassy things done while it lasts.

On the creative front, I've been stitching hexagons together and doing a bit of embroidery.
Every year I have plans to start some Christmas crafting in about September, but yet another year has passed when this good intention has not been realised. Creativity is an essential part of my wellbeing practices, so I'm determined to carve out a little time for it over the summer holidays. I'll leave you with a couple of crafty pics, and I wish you well as we dive headlong into the crazy days of December. See you here again soon.

Anita. xo

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  1. Hi Anita, I just found a comment from you on my blog and was thrilled to have linked back to your blog. I used to follow your blog a year or even two ago and then I think you might have made it private for a while and I couldn't connect so I was thrilled when I saw it was you. Yes how do we have boys going into high school at Grade 7 (in my day it was Grade 8) high school. I was also thrilled to see your crochet blanket as well and the facebook break. I only got on facebook 6 months and prior to that didn't care about it, want it or think anything of it and when people said "like my facebook page" I would just roll my eyes. I got on it to sell our excess stuff (the modern version of the trading post) but I love that it's local in your suburb and someone comes over the same day to pick up the item, I get rid of stuff and have a little bit of extra money to pay the bills. I am following a few people not too many and can probably count them on my two hands and some photography ones too which is what I love. It is a big time waster that's for sure...I do miss reading lots of blogs, the blogs are still out there but not like they were say 4 years ago, people have opted for Instagram. Anyway just saying "Hi" and thanks for stopping by. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


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