Monday, August 31, 2015

New (two year old) quilt completed!

Hi all! I'm so happy to say that today is the LAST DAY OF WINTER! Yes, I am shouting and, yes, I know that's not good blog etiquette, but I'm super excited to kick winter in the butt today and welcome in a little more sunshine and warmth. Here's a pretty camellia bloom to celebrate. 

Speaking of warmth, there's nothing like a cosy quilt to keep you warm on those chilly winter nights. Since my last post I've finished a crafty project that's been waiting for two years (yep, I said two years) to be completed. I made a quilt in the last quarter of 2013. I even had it professionally quilted by a dear friend. And then I put it in a paper bag and put it on the shelf in my craft room and there it has stayed for two whole years!! All it needed was the binding, people! It's not that hard. Why do I do stuff like that - put a huge amount of work in to a project and fail to take it that last step to completion? And it's not only time that goes into these projects, it's money too. With the fabric (French General) and quilting on this project, I'd probable spent close to $300, only to let it linger unfinished, unused and unloved for two years. Sounds so silly to me now that it's done. The binding probably took at total of 3 -4 hours to complete - that's cutting the strips, joining them, ironing them,  machine stitching them to the quilt front and hand stitching them to the back. So now I have a gorgeous new (two year old) quilt to snuggle under, just as winter is coming to a close. Don't worry, I'm sure there'll be plenty of chilly nights left to use it yet. 

Have you got any UFOs (unfinished objects) calling to you? What's the longest you've ever left a project before completing it? It sure does feel awesome to get them done!! 

Thanks for visiting, 

Anita. xo


  1. hahahaha I think I win.....I started a millenium quilt in 2000, it was going to be 2000 squares and I cut about 300, even pieced 2 whole blocks.... oh well.
    Your quilt is lovely, good on you for finishing

    1. Lol!! Yep Jo, you win by a mile! Do you think you'll ever pick it up again, or has that ship well and truly sailed?

  2. I was only commenting to another how symbolic quilts are - and here you are finishing a quilt. I think quilts become nicer the older they are...there are memories in the making and new memories to be made in the using.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful!! I've got some WIP, all crochet but they don't hang around unfinished for long....but have a cross stitch I started in the 90's that's still not finished!! Obvioulsy it's not for me :) Jan x


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