Monday, August 1, 2011

August already? Where have I been?

Well, my blog posts seem to be few and far between these days, but it's definitely not because I've been doing nothing. I have been busy with my TAFE course, kids activities, and life in general. Of course, my "busy" pace is a little slower than others as I need to factor in "crash time" for the inevitable fibromyalgia flare ups that come with doing lots.

For the first time this year I have winter vegetables growing in my garden. I've never even attempted a winter crop before, so I am pleasantly surprised to see everything doing so well. Take a look at what we've got....


Broad beans, broccoli, leeks

Doesn't this broccoli look wonderful? And no chemicals!

Our main plot has cabbages, caulis, spinach, silverbeet, beetroot, and a few carrots,

Lovely winter sunshine helps the vegies to grow and the washing to dry!

There are a few pretties in the ornamental side of the garden at the moment too....

OK, so rosemary is edible but it's so pretty when it's in flower I consider it ornamental :)

Gorgeous helibores at the base of our maple tree.

Love how the helibores hang down delicately.

So pretty - helibore or "Winter Rose"

The polygalas always gives the garden a splash of vibrant colour.

The heavenly scent of daphne hits you as soon as you step outside the back door. Our three bushes are loaded with blooms.
My boys are blooming too. They seem to be growing by the day. J is 9 1/2 and is already up to my nose height! He will overtake his Mum at quite a young age I'm sure,  before the end of primary school the way he is going!

Here he is in action at basketball last weekend...

That's J on the ground locked in a battle for the ball. He gets right in there!

Taking instructions from the coach - Peter is a great coach who's been helping J's skill level enormously. J is loving his basketball more than ever.

On the creative front, I've had a few things on the crochet hook, but I can't show you yet, because they are gifts waiting to be given to some babies who aren't yet born :) Any day exciting!

I can show you this little hat I made for my friend B's little man who recently had his first birthday. They live at Barwon Heads, so I posted it down there. Would love to see a photo of him with it on so I can check how it fits.

Well, that's about all my news for the moment. Lots of homework to get done, so I had better refocus and knuckle down. I'm halfway through my course, which is a good thing, but I'm having trouble getting motivated for second semester. Maybe the arrival of Spring in a few weeks will help. Nothing like a bit of sunshine to get me going! See you all soon. xxx


  1. I agree, the recent sunshine has lifted my spirits enormously & having a garden to enjoy also helps, stay warm honey, Jo

  2. Great to hear from you Anita! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Time sure does fly and wow, life is far too busy! Your veggie garden looks wonderful! Well done! Good luck getting all you work done! It will be worth the hard work! Keep well! X

  3. What a fabulous looking vegie garden - must be very satisfying eating vegies you've grown at home. All the best with semester 2.

  4. Your veggies look amazing - I am so envious - mine never look like that and this year I didn't bother as I still have a very naughty Spencer who'd just eat the lot LOL Perhaps by the summer he will have stopped 'helping' me in the garden. Here's to one last month of Winter and then the onset of Spring :)


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