Friday, August 19, 2011

Cluck cluckety cluck cluck!

The theme around here this month is BABIES! No not me sillies! Our niece and her hubby had a little boy on August 2nd and then my dear friend E and her hubby S welcomed their little girl on Tuesday the 16th of August. I've been making baby cards and crocheting baby gifts galore lately. Can't show you my great-nephew's gifts yet, because we haven't had a chance to go and meet him yet, but I can show you some pics of E's baby girl and some of the goodies I made for her.

 Look at her....3 days old and just so sweet.....

Unfortunately, I woke her up snapping pics of her and she did this......

 Still gorgeous, even when she's screaming :)

 She soon settled once she was back in Mummy's arms. Look at that proud Daddy:)

 And here's what I made for Miss S....a pretty pink hat and matching booties....

....and a white crocheted baby blanket, perfect for her cot.

 Here's a close up of the blanket pattern. It has a lovely texture.

And finally, here is the card I made for the proud new Mummy and Daddy. I just love having the chance to make pretty pink goodies :)

 I'll be back soon to show you more of the goodies I've been making. Looking forward to a beautiful sunshine-y weekend here in Melbourne. Hope you have a great one. xxx


  1. Awwwww .... Sophie is so precious!! As are the gorgeous gifts you've made with so much love. What a beautiful, happy post - thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful little blossom :) I absolutely love all of the treasures you have made for her, Anita...but I adore that little hat!! So cute!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, you clever lady ~ xx

  3. Oh she is sweet! That hat and blanket is stunning and sure to be treasured! Gorgeous card too! X

  4. Cute baby and proud parents. I LOVE the blanket you made, that is adorable and the hat and booties as well. You are a very clever girl and I know your friends will appreciate the hand made.

  5. What beautiful gifts. LOVE that first photo of the baby - what a sweetie.

  6. Anita...your gifts are absolutely beautiful. You continue to inspire me. I am just about to do a blog post and link back to you...I want my readers to see how creative and talented you are. Such a precious baby girl. xx


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