Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day in "real life"

What does Valentine's Day mean when you're a grown up couple, married for a decade, living the suburban life with a couple of kids and a dog?

Well it means forgetting all the frou-frou of flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners and so forth. It means spending the day together doing day-to-day stuff - going to school assembly, hanging out washing, trimming the pittosporum hedges and taking the clippings to the tip, clowning around and being silly, picking the kids up from school and then cooking steamed veg. and sausages (vege ones for me) for dinner - all done together.

Every day Dan and I express our love for each other. We see no need to wait for a predetermined day to be loving and romantic. Our love infuses every thing we do.....even the seemingly day-to-day mundane stuff.

Love you, my goofy Valentine!


  1. super post Anita - now who was taking the photos of you hanging out the washing together?

  2. Self-timer - with the camera sitting on the BBQ! My husband sure does put up with a lot of silliness from me. Lol! Very tolerant, patient man that one :-)

  3. this post Anita!! Lovely in every way :) ~ xx

  4. Happy Valentine's Day you two clowns!
    Love Mum xx


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