Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Saturday night saw the celebration of an engagement in our family. Our niece D recently became engaged to her boyfriend A. They are such a gorgeous couple, inside and out. Their engagement party was held in Eltham with about a hundred family and friends attending.

Cutting their engagement cake.

D's dad kicked off the speeches.

The speeches were lovely, even though A's dad "stole" a large portion of A's speech before he got to give it! lol! A still managed to give a great speech with a heartfelt declaration of his joy at having D as his partner for life. D was called upon to give a speech too - something she hadn't planned on doing. She handled it with eloquence, sincerity and warmth, as is her usual style. We are so proud to call her our niece.

D's impromptu speech - beautifully done.

My boys came along to the party and tore up the dance floor! Who knew that J had such funky moves?! He had the dance floor to himself and was grooving away in front of a growing audience of guest for about half an hour. Very cute! I captured about 30 seconds of it on video but I won't embarrass J by posting it here for the world to see.

My boys having fun at the party.

J and her cute daughter E having a groove together.

The boys in the car on the way home.......all tuckered out after all that dancing!

We had our other gorgeous niece come to stay with us on Saturday night. It was so nice of her to make the trip down from the Gold Coast for the engagement party. Despite her flight home being delayed by almost 2 hours, I think she had a great weekend catching up with family and friends.  

Lastly, I thought I'd show you the engagement card I made for the happy couple. I chose to use the same colour scheme and style as the engagement invitations. Looking forward to the wedding, although I'm told it will be a couple of years away.

Hearty Congratulations on your engagement D and A. We couldn't be more thrilled for you both. xxx

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