Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unblogged pics of my artwork from last year.

I've realised that due to the fact that I hardly posted on my blog last year, I haven't shared very much of my creative output for a long time. So I'm going to put it all out there......most of these are just photos of my work which I've posted on Instagram. I've worked in acrylic, coloured pencil and pastel. And I've experimented with a tight, realistic style, as well as a looser, more painterly style. I've painted people, plants and fruit. The one thing that was consistent through all of these pieces - I've enjoyed every single second of creating them :)

I'm sure there's been a few more pieces in there......if I can think of any more, I'll add them in later. Of course these are just the finished pieces. I have oodles of doodles and sketches that never make it as finished pieces. There are a few pieces that have been left untouched for so long, I'm not sure if I'll get back to them. Like this one: 

 It's great to look back at all the different mediums and styles. I learn so much every time I sit down to play with my art supplies. 

Lately I've been playing with art journaling in pen and watercolours. I've also been doing some lettering and some fun, whimsical style doodles. I might take photos of some of that work sometime.....I'm still a little shy about that style as it's very new to me. I don't really have a "style" of my own. Maybe someday when I "grow up" I'll settle on a signature style, but for now, I'm just enjoying learning and playing. What's your favourite art style or medium, as an artist or as an art viewer? I'd love to know. xo 


  1. These are beautiful! From someone who cant draw let alone paint, I think you have made them - especially the fruit - so lifelike.

    1. Thank you Nanette for your kind comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to say hi. I'm sure you're very creative in your own way. We all have our own areas of interest and ability. Have a lovely day. xo


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