Monday, November 7, 2011

I can see the light!

Well folks, I am almost there! Almost finished my Children's Services course, that is. I have ONE assignment to finish, two days of TAFE classes left and four more days of placement. I am feeling excited and relieved all at once. By the end of next week I should have it all wrapped up. Yay for me!
I've thoroughly enjoyed my placement this time around and I have to say, it has reignited my interest in further study in this field, perhaps a Grad. Dip. In Education (early childhood). Not just yet though..... I think I'll take a year off study next year and just see how my health holds up to regular work (assuming I can actually find a job). I should know better than to plan too far ahead, but hey, it is nice to dream. I am looking forward to returning to a bit of creativity and crafting over the coming months, once the last of my study is done. So hopefully you'll see more pretty, crafty pictures here on my blog over the next few months. I've missed my bloggy friends so much recently. I'm off to bed now, but I'll return soon, hopefully with triumphant news of completing my course. Lots of love. xxx


  1. Anita that's fantastic news!! That seems to have flown by. Get that last bit done and enjoy the time relaxing and crafting. Good luck finding an enjoyable job next year.
    Sarah Red Gingham

  2. Congrats Anita - almost done. All the best with the job hunting. And with a nice break from the study too to recharge. xx

  3. Anita that's brilliant news and yes I've missed your creativity too - hope to see you relaxing and enjoying your crafts again very soon xx

  4. Well done, so close now. You should be really proud of yourself for achieving this not only with your health challenges but with the extra demands of being a mature learner with a young family....You go girl!

  5. Good on you, Anita...almost at the end. Won't it be so nice when you'll have time to stop and smell the roses? Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations again. Xxx


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