Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yes, I still make stuff :)

For those of you wondering if I ever do anything crafty anymore, here is proof that I do! I finished this crocheted cushion just in time for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday on Sunday. I have never made a crocheted cushion before and I was a little stumped about how to fill in the gaps around the outside of the hexagons to make the cushion top round. I kind of made it up as I went and I think it turned out pretty well. Then I realised that round cushion inserts were unlikely to be found, so I made one up out of calico and fibre-fill. Seemed to do the job nicely. The back of the cushion is plain green, crocheted in the round (forgot to take a pic of that) and then I joined the top and bottom with a line of double crochet (UK/AUS terminology).
My mother-in-law, Margaret, lives in a nursing home and has dementia. While she probably won't remember where this cushion came from, I hope she gets pleasure from having it around. It has lovely texture and colours, and is soft and squishy :)

We celebrated Margaret's 80th with a lovely afternoon tea hosted by my brother-in-law and his wife  at their home. Margaret's older sister Joan made the journey down from Canberra by bus for the occasion - a big effort for a lady who turns 82 on Friday. Margaret and Joan's brother Neville was there with his wife Jean, as was her brother-in-law Pat and his wife Joan. Add to that almost all of her children and grandchildren, and we had quite a gathering!

Here are a few photos:

Margaret with several of her grandkids.

My boys with their cute cousin

Margaret with sister Joan, Joan and Pat, Jean and Neville.

With her darling daughters..

The cake - couldn't quite fit 80 candles on there.

The birthday girl with her eldest son.

"Happy Birthday to you"

Margaret with her older sister Joan and younger brother Neville.

Catching up with brother Neville.

Margaret and five (out of six) children.
Forgot to take photos of the birthday cards made by the kids and myself, but there were cards :)

I do have photos, however, of some cards that were made for me. My birthday was on May 30th and I had a beautiful, peaceful day. Morning tea with my dear friend E and her little man, lunch at home with my darling husband, out for a quiet dinner with my 3 boys and then home for cake.

From my spunky hubby - he respects my choice of AFL team, even though it's not Richmond :)

By C - complete with hand drawn family portrait :)

By J - with a red balloon because red is my favourite colour :)

Cake made by My Mr :)

So happy to be turning 35 and sharing my life with these two amazing boys (and their beautiful Dad).    I am one seriously blessed girl :)


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! Wow what a lot of birthdays there are. I do love that cushion you made, the flowers on it are so beautiful. It must have been nice to craft again.

  2. You got some great photos from Nan's bday. I will have to put some of Mum's on facebook. By the way you had a very nice bday cake! Of course Dan put smarties on it!! The cushion looks fantastic, can't wait to see it when I go to visit.

  3. wow what a lovely post - love the photos of all the family - ones to keep and scrapbook for sure. Happy birthday lovely internet friend - perhaps one day we will meet.

  4. been thinking about you in this cold snap, perhaps you'll crochet up a large blankie now!
    Margaret celebration looked lovely, such a wonderful legacy from a long life, pity dementia is stealing those memories.
    Dan did very well with cake & cards, your creativeness must be rubbing off.

    Thanks for the lovely newsy post & the gorgeous pics, stay warm, Jo x


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