Monday, April 11, 2011

Rollercoaster ride

That's the best way to describe my life so far this year. There have been some wonderful highs and some dreadful lows. In short:

Highs: Started my course in Children's Services. A positive move. Planning for the future. Feeling like I'm achieving something finally. But it hasn't been easy (see the "lows")

Going to see Keith Urban in concert on Saturday night with my sister. Fantastic performer. We danced all night.

Seeing My Mr (and my Dad and brother-in-law) enjoy their V8 racing experience so much on March 5th.

Seeing C play football at half-time at and AFL match at Etihad Stadium.

My kids are happy and healthy, loving school, doing well. I am really lucky.

Lows: My grandmother passed away on March 12th, after battling on for 8 long weeks at Wangaratta Hospital. The only upside is an end to the suffering she experienced thanks to 25-odd years of crippling Rhuematoid Arthritis. She will be missed.

My sister's father-in-law is seriously unwell. A really tough time for their family with a pretty poor prognosis unfortunately.

Realising that I had bitten off way more than I could chew taking on full time study. Having to admit that after just one week was demoralising. Switched to part-time, which is much better, but on my "bad days" I still wonder if I'm up for it (the course and the job to follow).

I have been seriously "overdoing it" in terms of my fibromyalgia - ie. family outings, four trips to my home town, going to TAFE, the usual weekly running around for kids sport etc. 

My health seems to be on a downhill slide at the moment (see all of the above). Not sure when or how it's going to stop sliding and start building again.

Have hardly caught up with my dear girlfriends at all in 2011 (see all of the above).

I know this isn't much of a blog post, but it might help to explain why I've been so absent, and such a lousy friend these last few months. The wheels have fallen off a bit I'm sorry to say. I know that I'll bounce back. I always manage to - thanks to my amazing supports.

I did manage to have a little art therapy last month. I finished a mixed media canvas that was a lot of fun to do. I'll finish on that happy note and show you a pic of my canvas "Birdsong". Love to you all.


  1. That all sounds very tough. I'm sorry to hear how difficult life has been for you and hope that the next bit gets a little easier and more enjoyable for you. It must be so difficult to want to do so much but your body won't let you. Anyway I'm also thinking perhaps you've missed your real calling - that canvas is outstanding!!! Really I mean it, I truly think it's the prettiest picture I've seen in ages. I'd be so proud if I'd made that! Good for you.

  2. Love that quote. Sorry to hear about all your lows this year Anita, hopefully you are feeling strong enough to focus on the highs at times. All the best :)

  3. Oh sweetheart, you have had a bad run... I truly hope your health is on the mend and you find some time for some more art therapy! Your canvas is just gorgeous! Take care of yourself. X

  4. Love your canvas Anita - embracing our imperfections is never easy, putting your hand up and saying I can't cope and this is the reason why is so very hard - sweetheart you've done it, you've taken the hard step ... it WILL all be much better from here on in. Stick with it ... and when you are feeling sad give those lovely boys of yours a big kiss and a hug. Thinking of you xxxxx

  5. Sorry to hear about the lows and I hope your health takes an upward trend soon so you can produce more canvases like your bird one - it's just gorgeous!

  6. hello anita, what an amazing thing the internet is...I just can't get over how we can all be linked so easily around the world. Now I love visiting Stephanie Ackerman's website...for years now and I happened to see your comment and clicked on your name. How shocked and surprised was I to find your a fellow Aussie!!!! :) I live in Newport, a feeling you might be in the country area. Sorry to hear you're having health issues, so good though that your dealing with it so possitively and I am sure your craft is definitely "the best medicine" :) Cheers Denise

  7. That sounds like quite a rollercoaster of a month or two. Hope there are some ups ahead with your health Anita. I really love your canvas and the quote. xx

  8. It seems to me that this year has begun with a whole load of ups and downs, the art therapy helped me through a bad bout of depression which almost cost me my job.Winter didnt help but the art did. Keep strong ,try not to over run yourself and remember there are those who love you even if you dont get the dishes done.Hang in there.I love your art

  9. So sorry to hear that life is presenting some struggles for you, Anita. Really hope that 2011 will pick up from here and you'll find a new level of energy and health. Your canvas is just amazing...that quote is wonderful. With lots of love xo


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