Friday, March 11, 2011

Reality bites!

A week into my course and I have had a huge fibromyalgia flare up! Pain++, sleep disturbance, exhaustion, a bit of brain fog.......all the hallmarks of "overdoing it". I had to make a quick decision mid-week to switch to part-time study rather than full time. While to me, it feels like I have stumbled at the first hurdle, My Mr is trying to remind me that it is GOOD that I was able to recognise a major trigger and take action so swiftly. And I know he is right. 
I think it is the best option for me to stay well, complete the course and maintain some quality of family life. So it will take me 12 months, rather than 6, to complete the course, but I will get there. I may not ever get further than the Cert. III course, and that is OK. The main purpose of this whole exercise is to get me back to work (only about 8 - 12) hours a week and to work in an industry that allows me to be positive, have fun, care for others and be creative. Not too much to ask.....

So while I lick my wounds and ride out this flare up, I will try to continue taking care of myself and my family. I am committed to keeping up the green smoothies. Here are today's, already made. These have banana, pear, rockmelon, nectarine, silverbeet (heaps!) parsely (just a little bit - it can be a bit overpowering), chia seeds, filtered water, flaxseed oil and a little bit of protein powder and agave nectar. Yummy!

There's one for My Mr and three for me (including the one in the travel mug to take with me in the car if I go out). I am still trying to get my kids into the green smoothie habit. One of my blogging buddies, Sue, has successfully got her cute kiddos on board. Check them out as they tuck into their green smoothies at her blog "Just Me". Good on you Sue!

Thanks to all those who've left healing thoughts on my facebook wall. I will be back in action soon......this I know for sure :)


  1. Oh no Anita, hope the flare passes soon. Great that you were able to give the plans a tweak. Wishing you well with your studies. xx

  2. Good to hear you are so positive about something that could be a real downer for some. Still haven't managed to try a green smoothie - I just ended up eating the spinach instead of smoothying it!

  3. yeah reality can bite HARD, don't beat yourself up for recognising your body enforced limitations.

    This quote on my blog applies to us all!

    "Even if you fall flat on your face·at least you are moving forward."-Sue Luke

  4. Sweetheart you haven't fallen at the first hurdle - you've taken on board what you and your body can deal with and make a good and grown up decision - quick and to the point ... that's got to be a good thing hasn't it. What's an extra six months in the whole scheme of things? I believe this shows just how well you have accepted that you live with Fibromyalgia and that you won't let it stand in your way ..... well done my friend.

  5. That Dan has good perspective Neet. It has to be manageable and you have to be able to have quality of life. I postponed my Diabetes course for this year at the last minute. I decided it would have been too much and am so glad I did :)

    It's good to try these things, but even if you don't ever finish any of it, it's OK. You are fabulous just as you are :)

  6. Hi Anita, I tried the green smoothie over the weekend, doesn't look very inviting as I don't like the colour green...but it tasted quite nice. Keep up the positive thoughts!


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