Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Market expedition

I love our local monthly craft market at Healesville. It is a lovely drive of less than 20 minute from our house, passing vineyards and farms along the way. However due to the mad weather we've had here in Victoria (well, Australia-wide really) this year, the market has had to be cancelled for the past 3 or 4 MONTHS!! So disappointing! The Healesville racecourse where the market has been held has been flooded in recent months and it has been impossible to hold a market there.

To attempt to compensate for our lack of market, the organisers put on an extra market this weekend at another venue; Mornington racecourse. The only problem is that it is about an hour's drive from here!

Way too far to go.....or so I thought. When I mentioned this whole scenario to My Mr on Sunday morning he said "Well let's go to Mornington then". Gotta love that man :) So we headed off for an outing to Mornington Craft Market.



My main mission was to find a new berry wreath to put on our front door for the festive season. Mission accomplished! Here it is hanging in pride of place. I just love it.

What a beautiful, impromptu day out with the family - those are so often the best kind. Life is so good :) I am one lucky girl.


  1. I love the wreath! Gorgeous! And I really want one of those lollipops!

  2. That looks like tons of fun! and I love that wreath too.

  3. Oh, that is one BEAUTIFUL wreath, Anita. I can understand why it makes your heart happy! What a wonderful family day out; that man of yours is pretty darn special, isn't he?! Lovely photos of your memories of the day.

  4. Hi Anita. I just noticed that you had stopped by and wanted to say thank you so much! These markets look fabulous, I wish we had a craft market nearby our country town. I loved the pics of the monkeys and the Matryoshka dolls! Your berry twig wreath is gorgeous and looks perfect on your door. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season ~ Tina x


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